What's new in simPRO: from 17 October 2021 AEST

Custom Quote Export

Export all contents of a quote including sections, cost centres, and items into a CSV file for future processing outside of simPRO.

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A screenshot of the Quote Export option in the Forms tab.

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  • In the Maintenance Planner job description, we’ve renamed Service Date to Service Due Date to be more clear.
  • Pop-ups notifications now provide improved and additional functionality, including longer notification subject lines and quicker access to relevant tasks.


  • Asset Failure Points were taking a long time to load - now you can quickly edit failure points.
  • Pricing for catalogue items wasn’t populating in jobs and quotes because of issues with currencies. All fixed!
  • The asset test tables in Form Builder forms were displaying test results against all scheduled technicians, even if only one technician tested the asset. All fixed!
  • In the Contractor Portal, contractor jobs were using the job site address and not the cost centre’s site address. Now your jobs will use the right address.
  • The Schedule in Day View and Week View wasn’t displaying correctly. All fixed!
  • In the Outlook Integration, you weren’t able to create new leads because the buttons went missing. We’ve found them again, so you can use the integration as normal.
  • In jobs, updating the billable materials wasn’t updating the profit and loss of the job. Now your changes will count towards your profit / loss.
  • The generic catalogue import was overriding part numbers when they should have matched an existing supplier part number. All fixed!
  • In Form Builder, the stock loop for job card forms was pulling stock items assigned by other technicians. Now the form will only pull relevant items.
  • Purchase orders weren’t logging sent emails even if you had email logging enabled. Now your emails will be logged properly.
  • When creating or editing a notification, you were able to select employees and contractors who didn’t exist. All fixed!
  • Sometimes when converting a quote to a job, two jobs were created instead of one. Now you won’t be doubling up.
  • When attaching a CSV file to a supplier quote, the simPRO part number was included instead of the supplier part number. All fixed!
  • The quote detail form was not ordering attachments in alphanumerical order as per the quote detail form template. Now your attachments will be in order.
  • In the CIS Monthly Returns report, the Amount Payable (Inc VAT) was including VAT even though the invoice uses RCT VAT. All fixed!
  • In the Asset List report, filtering for assets with no current test results wasn’t displaying any results. Now you’ll be able to find your assets.
  • Maintenance Planner was showing assets due for a service before the contract date had started. All fixed!
  • Day View and Week View weren’t allowing you to move lead schedule blocks. Now you can move your lead schedules around as you please!
  • In the Annual System Condition Report, some sites were not including any system types on the report PDF. All fixed!
  • In the CIS Monthly Returns report, if you tried printing the page, the report totals were not included. All fixed!.
  • In the Supplier Purchases report, if you filtered for a single supplier and listed by orders, contractor records were also included. Now you’ll only see the relevant records.

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