simPRO 21.4.3

What's new in simPRO: from 31 October 2021 AEST

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L&H import options

We’ve updated the way simPRO assesses the L&H automatic import file to determine which groups and subgroups to create, so that only the new groups, subgroups and catalogue items are created. All customers currently using the Complete catalogue import option will be now switched to the Update and Create New Part.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

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Xero Timesheet Integration

Send timesheets directly from simPRO to Xero! This time-saver feature aims to reduce your efforts to re-enter employee times in Xero while also improving the accuracy of your schedule data.

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A screenshot of the cumulative total of multiple unpaid invoices.


  • The letterhead and misalignment issues in the Certificate of maintenance PDF are now fixed.
  • Does deleting a storage device create a blank storage device? All fixed now!
  • Itemised PDF invoice forms were including VAT in the cost centre totals but ignoring the RCT VAT. The issue is now resolved.
  • Do you receive a “Bad request” error after validating credentials for the Go Electrical automated catalogue import? Now your credentials should be validated correctly!
  • We’ve managed to fix the issue where an incorrect quantity of stock was allocated to jobs.
  • Locking the job by estimates and prices was adding an adjustment of $0.01 despite the subtotal and the sum of all billable items matched correctly. All fixed now!
  • Does receipting a Purchaser Order creates two identical receipts? Now, only the one correct receipt will be created.
  • Trouble archiving customers in bulk? We’ve made sure no white screen is displayed and the process is completed with no errors.
  • Copying work notes from the description was changing the font size in the form from 10pt to 12pt. All fixed!
  • Is BI reporting not showing completed date for all jobs, despite these jobs having a completed date in simPRO? All fixed now.
  • The cursor will now maintain it’s correct location in the Job setup and not move from "Cost Centre" selector to "Job name" field. All fixed!
  • Unable to view the job card (PDF) form in jobs? Now, you won’t encounter any error message when viewing this form.
  • Does updating customer discount and then clicking Save and Finish display a white page? All fixed now!
  • When creating a new job the “Salesperson” field was not auto populating the customer’s account manager even when the account manager had “Salesperson” selected in the employee card. All fixed!
  • All issues associated with contract alerts showing incorrect info are now resolved.
  • Trouble creating a job from an asset if there are two or more associated customers? Now you’ll be able to create the jobs easily.
  • The “Date Created” field in BI reporting was getting exported as a timestamp in the downloaded CSV version. All fixed!
  • Does the plant and equipment table view print custom fields which are already removed? We’ve fixed this issue to only display the correct information.
  • Copying a quote was removing the discount from all cost centres in the newly created quote. All fixed!
  • All issues associated with the Cost to Complete report are now taken care of!
  • The job cards which finish at midnight were not showing on the timesheets when filtered by date of the job card. All fixed!
  • The Scheduled Breakdown Report was printing in reverse chronological order of time. All fixed!

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