simPRO 21.4.4

What's new in simPRO: from 14 November 2021 AEST

Advanced Timeline Notes

Better communication with your customers - share activity timeline notes with your customers by making them visible in the customer portal. This triggers an alert for the customer, and they can also create a note for the quote or job that is visible in the activity timeline.

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A screenshot of a note an alert in the customer portal.

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Show Favourites Only for pre-builds

Easily view your favourite pre-builds in the pre-builds table - in Modify Table View, select Show Favourites Only to only include favourites by default.

Add Site on Delivery Label Form

Add a site address when using the Delivery Label PDF form for jobs and quotes.


  • In private cloud builds, service levels were being removed from customer assets. Now your service levels will be back where they belong!
  • When sending a notification with a Form Builder form as an attachment, the form was downloading as a generic file instead of a PDF. Now your forms will be sent in the right form.
  • Sell prices for inventory one-off items included in supplier quotes weren’t being updated when the supplier quote was applied to a cost centre in a job. All fixed!
  • When you tried to import a complete catalogue, rows with duplicate part numbers were being ignored. Now you will get one item for each row.
  • In the Stock Required report, no totals were calculating at the bottom of each column. All fixed!
  • In Progress Claim PDF forms, the contract summary table was including VAT but ignoring RCT VAT. All fixed!
  • In Jobs tables, the status code font colour sometimes didn’t stand out enough. Now your font colour will have a better contrast depending on the background colour.
  • Importing a file to update existing customer contacts was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Trying to export Gas Service assets was causing an error. Now you’ll be able to export your gas assets.
  • In Multicompany, sometimes you were able to move a job to a different company even if it had tasks assigned. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to send emails from jobs because no PDF or Form Builder templates were available to select. All fixed!
  • The CIS Deductions report was incorrectly calculating the amount of CIS for consolidated invoices. Now your CIS deductions will be accurate.
  • In jobs, the Orders tab was displaying incorrect receipt amounts. All fixed!
  • Sometimes an email with an attachment was sent from a job, but the attachment was not showing up in the job log. Now you’ll be able to find your email attachments.
  • Importing supplier invoices was creating duplicate blank receipts. All fixed!
  • Adding a new cost centre to a job, created from a recurring job template, was automatically adding a default labour rate to the cost centre, even if there was no default labour rate in System Setup. All fixed!
  • In BI Reporting, quotes were showing up with project tags even if the project tags had been removed from System Setup in simPRO. Now your deleted project tags won’t haunt you.

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