simPRO 21.4.6

What's new in simPRO: from 12 December 2021 AEST

Employee and contractor licences

We’ve improved employee and contractor licences to give you more control - you can upload attachments, enter descriptions for more accurate records, mark critical licences, contractors can update employee licences from the contractor portal, and more!

Tasks and Gantt dependencies

Create tasks more efficiently in your Gantt chart - add dependent tasks and choose to prevent dependencies from being closed early.

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Licence updater

Update your user licences more quickly and efficiently - licence requests are now processed automatically, reducing processing time and minimising manual errors.


  • In the customer portal, adding an attachment to a job booking was removing pre-builds on the job. Now your job booking will remain intact.
  • Adding catalogue items to a quote or purchase order was sometimes logging you out of simPRO. Now you’ll stay logged in.
  • On progress claim invoices, retention was calculating incorrectly. All fixed!
  • In invoices, saving without filling out a mandatory field was causing an error. Now you won’t get stuck!
  • Some filter combinations in the Commission Report were causing errors. All fixed!
  • In contractor work order PDF forms, there were missing spaces between the suburb and state fields. All fixed!
  • When viewing a form builder template, the claimed to date and contract to date fields were producing incorrect figures. Now your numbers will add up.
  • Online payment links were not sending correctly via SMS. Now when your clients receive the message they’ll be able to click it.
  • When copying cost centres, any one-off items copied were changing their names in the project overview. All fixed!
  • The Stock Required report wasn’t showing stock items required for quotes. Now you’ll see all the relevant stock.
  • Importing a price file with no trade price was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Work completed notes and material notes in the activity timeline weren’t displaying bullet and numbered lists. Now your formatting will be correct.
  • When creating a script, sometimes you weren’t able to add a tag to the body of the script. All fixed!
  • simPRO was still sending email notifications for overdue invoices even after they were fully paid. Now only customers that haven’t paid will receive notifications.
  • If you removed Gas Safety PDF forms in system setup, they were still available to select in jobs. All fixed!
  • Marking a form builder template form as printed wasn’t being recorded in the invoice log. Now you’ll know when you’ve printed an invoice.
  • The Job Activity report was using the date of the original supplier invoice instead of using the invoice date of the supplier credit. All fixed!
  • In job scripts, the “Cost Centre Scheduled Start Date” field wasn’t populating correctly. All fixed!
  • The Job Activity report wasn’t producing any results when filtering for “No assigned technician”. Now you’ll be able to find the right jobs.
  • The Invoice Income Summary report wasn’t letting you filter results by order numbers that start with zeroes.
  • The Profit/Loss Job report was incorrectly displaying jobs under “Multiple Technicians Assigned” even though they did not have multiple technicians. All fixed!

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