simPRO 22.1.1

What's new in simPRO: from 16 January 2022 AEST

Import Recurring Jobs

Save time creating and updating recurring jobs by importing them in bulk.

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Response Times in BI Reporting

Previously, you had to use only preset reports to include response times. Now you have the flexibility to create custom reports in BI Reporting that include response times. Learn more in Fields for Native Query.

NetSuite Integration

If you are on the NetSuite RESTapi Beta Program you can now integrate simPRO with NetSuite using the accounting link. This allows you to import customers and suppliers from NetSuite and regularly export financial transactions such as invoices and payments directly to NetSuite. Learn more in Set Up simPRO and NetSuite.

Bulk update assets

You can now bulk update assets based on custom field values rather than using your simPRO Asset ID. This allows you to perform regular updates to assets using barcodes, tag numbers or other internal references. Learn more in How to Import Assets.

Numeric Type for Custom Fields

You can now create a numeric type custom field for asset testing purposes, or where only numeric data is recorded. This feature aims to prevent wrong information from being recorded and helps ensure you have useful data for custom reports. Learn more in How to Use Custom Fields and How to Create Asset Types.

Improved Attachments

View how many attachments are contained within a record without having to open the tab or individual folders! The total number of attachments is displayed on the Attachments tab in all areas of simPRO, so you no longer open the tab or individual folders to find out the attachment count.

Import Payments

Save time creating payments by importing them in bulk. This feature aims to help if you are using an accounting package that does not easily integrate with simPRO, or if your payments are automatically processed by bank and then have to be synced with simPRO. Make sure the invoices pre-exist in simPRO in order to create payments.

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A screenshot of a Gantt chart.

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  • The issue where simPRO was applying incorrect GST to contractor work orders is now fixed.
  • We’ve resolved the issue where users could create consolidated invoices with the uninvoiced jobs report for multiple jobs which belonged to different companies.
  • No invoice or quote system templates in Netherlands builds? Now you can create the relevant Form Builder templates based on system templates for quotes and invoices.
  • The issue where users could copy paste schedules to employees who do not have relevant cost centre assigned is now resolved.
  • We’ve made sure deleting the pre-build group deletes all pre-builds in the group.
  • In the Activity timeline, the term "Technician Notes” will replace “Material Notes" to match the terminology in job cards and simPRO Mobile.
  • Unable to delete all pending purchase orders? The issue is now fixed!
  • Email scripts were available in all jobs, irrespective of whether the job contains a cost centre selected in the script. All fixed now!
  • Removing a plant type not archiving historical plant items? This issue is now fixed.
  • We’ve made sure the progress jobs table view includes credits in the “Percentage Paid” or “Amount paid” columns, if any.
  • You’ll no longer receive the “Quote has been converted to a job” message when you merge quotes. All fixed!
  • Receiving notifications archived for archived quotes? This trigger is now fixed!
  • When creating a purchase order from inside a job inventory one-off items were not added to the PO. This is now resolved.
  • The issue where changing the quantity of one item in the catalogue purchase order would change all items on the purchase order to use the default supplier is now fixed!

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