simPRO 22.1.2

What's new in simPRO: from 30 January 2022 AEST

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Xero Activity Deactivation

More flexibility when using simPRO and Xero! You can deactivate leave activities in the Xero interface, allowing you to enter data directly into Xero. Learn more in How to Export Timesheets to Xero.


  • (Call Centre only) Keep track of all call centre users currently logged in with a call centre licence and log out any inactive users through the User Log.


  • Notifications weren’t letting you select the number of days before service level due for assets. All fixed!
  • Maintenance Planner was not listing the service levels in the service level filter in alphanumerical order. Now your service levels will be in order.
  • In the Sales Invoice report, retention amounts were showing under business groups and cost centres that were not claimed on the specified invoice. All fixed!
  • Date driven notifications with a yearly frequency were being sent out at seemingly random times. Now your notifications will be on time.
  • Some job card PDFs were printing the customer signature over the customer name. Now your PDFs will display properly.
  • The site import was preventing you from creating new sites. All fixed!
  • After voiding an invoice you weren’t able to remove the discount, or edit the totals, on a job’s cost centre. All fixed!
  • The Cost to Complete report was loading for a minute and then crashing. Now you won’t run into any errors.
  • When you imported suppliers to update supplier information, the supplier wasn’t populating the Xero accounting link. All fixed!
  • Invoices that were voided multiple times were remaining unpaid. Now you can void your invoices properly.
  • Checking for duplicate phone numbers was causing an error. All fixed!
  • In project quotes, clicking and dragging a cost centre to reorder them was scrambling all the cost centres. Now your cost centres will stay put.
  • The Site address on forms wasn’t printing line break correctly. All fixed!
  • When exporting a catalogue, subgroups that had been removed were still showing up in the catalogue group filter. Now your removed subgroups won’t be popping back up.
  • When recurring a monthly schedule based on Day of the Week, the week was calculating incorrectly. Now your schedules will land on the right day.

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