simPRO 22.1.4

What's new in simPRO: from 27 February 2022 AEST

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Close Open Work tabs

Multi-tasking is easier than ever! Quickly close projects by clicking the close button in the Open Work tab. Learn more in How to Work on Multiple Projects.


  • In the Annual Turnover report, retention rebates were being included even if the invoice containing the rebate had been voided. Now only relevant rebates will show up.
  • Purchase order PDFs forms were printing the supplier’s street address instead of the postal address. Now your purchase orders won’t get lost!
  • After voiding an invoice, the invoice could still be opened from the Open Projects tab in its original state. Now your voided invoices won’t stick around.
  • When the trade price on an item was updated, and the supplier’s discount was 0%, the updated time and date was not updating. All fixed!
  • For invoices created from Form Builder templates, labour time wasn’t displaying properly. Now you’ll be able to see your labour hours.
  • If your security group prevented changing the status of a job, it was also preventing automatic triggers in tasks from updating job statuses. All fixed!
  • When receiving alerts for job cards to be approved, sometimes you were receiving alerts for job cards for cost centres not assigned to you. Now you’ll only get alerts that are relevant.
  • In recurring invoice PDFs, the grey box for address details wasn’t including the right details. All fixed!
  • Importing pre-builds was also importing hidden formatting in the pre-build description. Now your pre-build descriptions will be formatted correctly.
  • In BI reporting, job response times were sometimes causing an error. All fixed!
  • In the Job Productivity report, sorting by the Materials Billed column was not sorting values in the correct order. All fixed!
  • Timeblocks locked in schedule views were not showing as locked in timesheets. All fixed!
  • When crediting a receipt where a stock item has been allocated to multiple jobs, the item was unassigned from a random job. Now the most recently allocated item will be unassigned.
  • Changing tax settings in job setup while the job is locked, and then unlocking the cost centre and resetting item pricing, wasn’t updating the billable tax code. All fixed!

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