simPRO 22.1.5

What's new in simPRO: from 13 March 2022 AEST

New fields in BI Reporting

  • Review all of your work notes in one place. Build reports to include the Work Completed notes and Technician Notes entered in the job cards.
  • Include Site Created Date and Site Archived Date in your reports to get a more in-depth understanding of the timeline of specific locations.

Learn more in Fields for Native Query.


  • Facing trouble when opening the customer cards that contain huge amounts of data? We’ve fixed this issue now!
  • Is your exported CSV file of purchase orders displaying status ID instead of status name? All fixed now!
  • Customer statement PDFs were not displaying the payment portal hyperlink in the how to pay section. All fixed now!
  • Now you can create and save new take off templates in multi-company builds as required. We’ve fixed the issue.
  • Are you encountering an error when editing void invoices, which says ‘Unable to void invoice as it has already been voided’? This issue is now resolved.
  • Now the map in the technician’s job card shall plot the site address correctly to match with the one in the schedule.
  • Does the finance charge label in the financial defaults fail to update the label when customers are making a credit card payment? All fixed now!
  • The Cooks Plumbing catalogue import was removing any saved supplier part numbers against the updated parts. We’ve fixed this issue.
  • We’ve made sure when you delete a customer from the build, you retain the associated contacts.
  • Trouble opening attachments from the job list view? Now, the attachments will load correctly instead of displaying a blank page.
  • The Stock Required report was showing incorrect Quantity of Stock for required items on quotes when the Group Results By filter was set to Job/Quote no. All fixed now!
  • Future actual cost dates will no longer populate on the progress claim report if the current date is selected.
  • Invoices with a late payment fee were not moved to paid when importing QuickBooks Online payment despite imported payment date being on or before invoice due date. All fixed now.
  • You will no longer encounter any errors when running the stock value report for a storage device that contains stock.
  • Now when you open and update a task from an email notification, you can save it correctly without losing any data.
  • simPOS was using build default item sales tax code and not customer default item sales tax code. All fixed now!
  • The alignment issue with job scripts when creating an invoice is now fixed. We assure you correct formatting against the bullet points.
  • Missing assets in the Maintenance Planner? All fixed now!
  • Suppliers imported into simPRO were using the build’s default currency despite having a foreign currency code mapped in the import file. All fixed now!
  • All the issues related to the Quote Order Number conditional field in the Form Builder are now resolved.
  • Get your audit logs in order! Now changes like archiving tax code and assigning defaults to new tax code will be recorded against employee/contractor cards.
  • The catalogue export utility shall now display the subgroups and sub subgroups correctly.
  • The commissions report will now allow use of decimals in the Override commission % filter.
  • We’ve made sure the selected Form Builder template will now remain selected even when you click Attach.

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