simPRO 22.1.6

What's new in simPRO: from 27 March 2022 AEST


  • In the Transactions Waiting for Export report, transaction dates of customer invoices will be recorded instead of the Yes/No flag, and can be retrieved via API. Note that for transactions created before this release, dates may not be correct.
  • When working in multiple projects, we’ve made the close button more prominent in Open Work tabs, so you can easily manage your projects.


  • In the purchase orders table, description orders not yet receipted were not displaying a balance. All fixed!
  • In Form Builder, the job card stock loop was not displaying the correct items if the job card was not approved. All fixed!
  • Printing a PDF form in a job was changing retention settings to sliding retention. Now your retention settings won’t slide away.
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to create receipts for purchase orders with multiple items assigned to multiple jobs. All fixed!
  • In the Adjustments tab in the Project Overview, labour cost was including overhead cost. Now your costs will add up.
  • Mico supplier invoice imports were failing if the import included a credit. All fixed!
  • In the Xero accounting link, employees with a birthdate before 1975 were showing the wrong date. Now all your employees will have the right age.
  • Stock Analysis forms were adding the site postcode into the customer address field. Now you’ll have the right address.
  • The History tab in stock items was showing incorrect dates. Now your stock history will be correct.
  • Sometimes the Xero accounting link was creating duplicate supplier invoices. All fixed!

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