simPRO 22.2.1

What's new in simPRO: from 10 April 2022 AEST

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Import custom fields into catalogue

Now you can upload or update custom field values by importing them to catalogue items using the generic catalogue import. Additionally, this time-saver feature allows you to exclusively update custom fields for all catalogue items regardless of supplier and without updating any other catalogue data.

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New bulk import options

  • Save time creating leads by importing them in bulk!
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  • Previously, you could just import parts onto individual quotes in simPRO. Now, you can save time by bulk importing multiple quotes into simPRO, same as you can with jobs!
  • There are small improvements to the Jobs import as well - in particular, it now has support for custom fields.
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See How to Bulk Import Quotes

Quote approved date

Now you can set up a more accurate expiry date for your quotes and also a realistic schedule for all the corresponding notifications. The new Date Approved field for quotes allows the validity period to begin from the day the quote is approved, rather than when it is created.

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Default quote validity

You no longer have to set the quote validity manually when creating a quote! To ensure your quotes have a consistent expiry period, you can now set a default validity and specify whether this period starts from the date the quote was created or approved.

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A screenshot of the Customer Contracts Import Settings.

Sri Lankan Rupee as default currency

If you use Maintenance Planner, save time updating rates and the service levels of assets on customer contracts, by exporting and importing contract service levels and rates. Learn more in How to Use Currencies.


  • The Technician filter in the Job List report was displaying no results when the No Technician option was selected. All fixed now!
  • You can now save special characters in a customised message in the How to Pay section when using the PDF template forms setup.
  • Issues encountered when downloading the quote DOCX form are now fixed. You’ll no longer receive the generic 500 error page!
  • Sometimes the quote activity report would include optional cost centres when filtered by a specific cost centre in the report. This issue is now fixed!
  • When downloading a CSV file of all the current Task Alerts, the system wasn’t populating the Alert column correctly. We’ve resolved this issue!
  • Item breakdown table was missing from the Quote - Itemised w/ Prices (PDF) when it was sent out as an attachment to a notification. Now we’ve made sure the PDF retains its formatting as is.
  • In progress claims when claiming a negative section it was showing as claimed 0% even if the cost centre was claimed at 100%. All fixed now!
  • When sending an email from an Invoice, if the email body included the [invoiceTotalIncTax] tag, the system wouldn’t recognise the reverse charge on the invoice and was sending a total value Inc. tax without it. All fixed now.
  • Now you can mark an invoice as paid through the jobs list view by selecting the Options drop-down list. The issue is now fixed!
  • We’ve resolved the issue where the invoices would remain in the unpaid list and the invoice status wouldn’t update to Fully paid, after importing payments from Xero.
  • Issues with the mobile setup where creating an audit from template would miss out some questions are now fixed!

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