simPRO 22.2.2

What's new in simPRO: from 24 April 2022 AEST


UK only: To improve mapping, the County field in customers, suppliers, sites, and supplier branches is no longer mandatory, and instead the Postcode field is mandatory.


  • When allocating stock items to jobs, the thousands number separator was removing values. All fixed!
  • Sometimes exporting a catalogue was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Running a timesheet breakdown for job cards, an extra day was being added to the end of the selected date range. Now you’ll have the right number of days.
  • Scripts made for the customer portal weren’t showing up in the customer portal when booking a new job. Now your customers will be able to select their scripts.
  • In invoices, when you entered a claim amount in a new retention claim, the amount was automatically changing to an incorrect amount. All fixed!
  • Sometimes in a job you weren’t able to add any more assets. Now you can add all the assets you need.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts while having a job open was causing errors. Now your shortcuts won’t mess up your work.
  • In notifications, the [recipientName] tag was populating the site contact’s name. Now your names will be correct.
  • In the Xero accounting link, you weren’t able to view customer invoices in the accounting link history. Now you’ll be able to find them again.
  • When searching for a stock item in the Restock Levels page, updating the restock levels and saving was wiping the stock levels for other items. All fixed!
  • When you clicked Set Up Primary Contact in a site, the primary contact toggle wasn’t actually switched on. Now the contact you create will actually be the primary contact.
  • When you used the Sales Invoices report to email a large number of emails, if this was taking too long the report would time out and stop sending emails. Now all your emails will be sent.

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