simPRO 22.2.3

What's new in simPRO: from 8 May 2022 AEST

Auto scheduling of recurring jobs

Set up a recurring job template so that it automatically schedules technicians and/or teams when the corresponding job is created. This time-saving feature reduces the manual efforts of scheduling individuals and makes it easier to accurately estimate when technicians are available for other work.

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Recurring Jobs Due Report enhancement

You can now create multiple recurring jobs from the same template using the Recurring Jobs Due Report. This feature makes it easier to cross reference which recurring jobs are due and then create them in bulk, rather than having to navigate back to the recurring jobs list.

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Storage locations on Stock Transfers Report

Once a stock transfer is processed, run the Stock Transfer Report to quickly verify the location where the items were stored in their old storage device, and the location where they have been transferred to in the new storage device. This helps staff move the physical stock in one go and ensures they know exactly where to find it.

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  • Job and invoices do not recalculate sell price when memberships are turned off in job setup? This issue is now fixed!
  • When a catalogue item had no history and was marked as a Multi-Currency item, it couldn’t be deleted. All fixed now!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where inputting a value of more than 10 digits in the UPC field of a catalogue item would throw an error.
  • If you were using Xero as your accounting package and had two identical accounts except for the number of zeros at the end of the account number, then the Xero Account Mapping would prefer the one with the trailing zeros. We’ve resolved this mapping issue.
  • We’ve made sure the STC Zone auto-populates after selecting a postcode when editing sites.
  • Are notifications triggering emails despite the invoice’s customer not listed in the notifications customer tags filter? All fixed now!
  • All issues that displayed an incorrect ‘Contract has exceeded its value’ alert are now resolved!
  • Opening a catalogue item will no longer change the "updated" timestamp to the current date and time in the Suppliers tab. All fixed now!
  • Now the variation cost centre name will remain consistent across all pages on a job PDF form. We’ve fixed the issue which caused incorrect cost centre names.
  • We’ve made sure the site address location is shown correctly and consistently on the map when accessed from any option in simPRO.
  • You will no longer encounter browser issues when loading a Job Activity report. All fixed now.
  • Appointments synced from simPRO will no longer populate with code for special characters when Outlook calendar integration is used to create appointments. The issue is now fixed!

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