simPRO 22.2.4

What's new in simPRO: from 22 May 2022 AEST

Exact integration - NL only

If you use Exact as your accounting package, you can integrate your accounting package with simPRO using the Exact accounting link.

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A screenshot of the Accounts Integration tab in System Setup.

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Square payment fee to Xero

If your accounting package is Xero and you use the Square Payments integration, when receiving payments with Square you no longer need to manually reconcile transactions in Xero to account for the Square transaction fee.

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See How to Set Up Square Payments


  • Previously, the Open Takeoffs button was only available in project quotes and jobs. Now you can open Takeoffs from service quotes and jobs as well.


  • (UK only) CIS was not calculating correctly when a discount was applied to a job with retention. All fixed!
  • Maintenance Planner was sometimes raising jobs for the wrong customer. Now your customers will get the right jobs.
  • Purchase order receipts created around a certain period of time weren’t letting you delete them. Now your purchase order receipts will do as they’re told.
  • In the Contractor Invoice table, you weren’t able to mark contractor invoices as paid using the footer options. All fixed!
  • If you use multi-currency, refreshing the exchange rate for any currency wasn’t working. Now you can update your exchange rate again.
  • In the Transactions Ready for Export report, any credits waiting to be exported were showing as a positive value. Now your credits will be displayed correctly.
  • The Quote Activity report was incorrectly calculating estimated margins when you selected multiple cost centres. All fixed!
  • If you created a $0 invoice and marked it as pending and later approved, the invoice was not moving to the Paid Invoice stage. All fixed!
  • When a customer approved a quote in the customer portal, triggering an email being sent, the approved quote wasn’t attached in the email. Now you’ll be able to receive your approved quotes.
  • When creating jobs from Maintenance Planner with multiple cost centres, sometimes the cost centre descriptions were getting mixed up. All fixed!
  • When claiming a $0 cost centre on a progress claim, the cost centre wasn’t showing on the invoice after saving. Now your cost centres won’t go missing.
  • When you invoiced a $0 work order, the work order wasn’t moving to the Invoiced Work Orders list. All fixed!

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