simPRO 22.2.5

What's new in simPRO: from 5 June 2022 AEST

Honeywell Integration

Integration between simPRO and Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) enables you to use the CLSS mobile app when performing fire safety asset tests, and sync asset defect data onto a job in simPRO. You can then create a quote for the failed assets in an improved streamlined workflow.

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  • Removing a business group was not automatically updating any of the security groups that had this business group assigned. All fixed now!
  • You can now update the salesperson assigned to a quote to None in the table view. The issue is now fixed!
  • Now since a catalogue item can have one storage location per storage device we’ve removed the storage location option from the Jobcard PDF forms setup template and the Materials Required table view.
  • Opening a job card PDF for a specific job and technician was displaying an error message. All fixed now.
  • When a build had its default Negative Number Format set to brackets (12345), the system would calculate this value as a positive amount if you input a negative value into a contractor invoice. You will no longer encounter this issue.
  • Issues with duplicate statement driven notifications being emailed to customers is now fixed!
  • We’ve made sure the job breakdown table shows the sum of consolidated invoices in the Invoice Percentage and Invoiced Value fields correctly.
  • In Xero Integration builds exporting more than 60 contractor invoices at once was displaying an error and disconnecting the build from Xero. All fixed now.
  • We’ve made sure that the business groups now function correctly and restrict what the Jobs and Invoices users can view on the Accounts and Service Dashboards.
  • You will no longer encounter any issues when uploading supporting documentation to simPRO pre-builds!
  • Are your lead notifications using more than one SMS even when the character count is less than 152? We’ve fixed this issue now!
  • Trouble resizing the Job description field? The field will now collapse to its default size when you click outside the field.
  • Activities were not shown in the Schedule Breakdown report despite having a schedule rate and cost. We’ve fixed this issue now.
  • Trouble exporting a supplier using MYOB accounting link? All fixed now!
  • Unable to sign for quote acceptance within Android 11 devices? This issue in the emails sent using the form builder templates with online acceptance is now fixed!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where billing a freight to a job, the one-off freight item failed to convert to the correct local currency amount.

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