Simpro Premium 22.2.6

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 19 June 2022 AEST

Custom Fields in notifications, descriptions and scripts

Custom fields of applicable types can now be added as Insert Fields in descriptions, notes, scripts, notifications, as well as in Forms Setup.

Customer Portal Dashboard

The customer portal dashboard gives customers an overview of relevant information at a glance. Make sure to allow customers to view the dashboard by enabling it in your customer portal settings - by default it is disabled.

Learn more in Customer Portal: Guide for Customers.

Improved Critical Defect Reporting

Select from different levels of severity of asset failure points to comply with industry standards in defect reporting.

Learn more in How to Create Asset Types.

Asset Test Images

Want to see more detail about assets that have been tested? When testing assets in Simpro Premium, you can attach images of the asset to visualise the asset’s condition.

Learn more in How to Complete Job Cards in Simpro Premium.


  • Stock alerts weren’t showing the part number of the catalogue item. Now you’ll be able to see which item is triggering the alert.
  • When you archived an item, it wasn’t being unlinked from other items, so it was still being added to purchase orders with linked items. All fixed!
  • Automated invoice imports were sometimes failing. All fixed!
  • In Multi-company, an issue was preventing you from companies from your build. All fixed!
  • Statement driven notifications were being incorrectly sent to customers with no outstanding balance. Now your notifications will go to the right people.
  • Importing jobs in bulk with a site name that consists of only numbers was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Recurring jobs were allowing you to create jobs for expired customer contracts. Now you’ll only be able to create jobs for contracts that are still active.
  • UK only: Retention claim PDF forms weren’t displaying the reverse VAT amount correctly. Now your VAT amount will display properly.
  • When you had no alerts, the red icon was still displaying with the number zero. Now, when your alerts are all dealt with, the red alert icon will disappear completely.

Learning Toolbox

Get up to speed by completing a quick learning material in Simpro's Learning Toolbox.