simPRO 22.3.1

What's new in simPRO: from 3 July 2022 AEST

Audit logs in leads

Leads now have extensive audit logs! Easily review who has viewed, updated, created, deleted, archived, scheduled and emailed a lead and also verify who has updated the notes and attachments on a lead. This new feature aims to add a layer of accountability to your leads and helps ensure your prospective business is managed effectively. Learn more in View Lead Logs.


  • You can now open a work order PDF from within a job without any errors. We’ve fixed the blank screen issue!
  • The Show Notes option in the Invoiced contractor jobs table wasn’t showing any notes even when it was enabled. All fixed!
  • Job card PDF forms failed to print text-based, negative-valued asset test readings. All fixed now!
  • Does importing new contractors with a blank pay rate, employment cost, or overhead throw an error? All fixed now.
  • Unable to enter negative values as asset test readings in job cards? This issue is now resolved.
  • Sometimes the Materials menu was still available despite all the related security group permissions being disabled. All fixed now.
  • In pre-builds, the Add-on sell price value was shown excluding the tax despite the financial defaults being configured to include tax. This issue is now fixed.
  • We’ve fixed the issue wherein if two catalogue items are used on a quote and both share the same default image filename, then Form Builder would display the first item’s image for all the items that used the filename.
  • In BI reporting, the Mobile Status timestamps were not using local time. All fixed now.
  • We’ve made sure the images in the footer copy properly to new templates in the Form Builder.

Learning Toolbox

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