Simpro Premium 22.3.2

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 17 July 2022 AEST

Auto Save

Quotes and jobs, after you’ve saved them for the first time, will automatically save every several minutes after your last action.

Note the time between saves is currently about 5 minutes and the time may vary.

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Contract Custom Fields

Add more relevant information to your customer contracts by setting up custom fields for customer contracts.

Learn more in How to Use Custom Fields.


  • We’ve improved CSV exports of job and quote lists - now the job / quote description will appear in the same line as the other fields instead of its own separate line.


  • In BI reporting, when running a report for recurring invoice cost centres, the order numbers displayed were from the recurring invoice, not the recurring invoice cost centre. All fixed!
  • Importing a generic catalogue was sometimes causing an error for no reason. All fixed!
  • In the customer portal, when a customer submitted a quote with a quantity of pre-builds greater than 1000, the pre-builds weren’t being added to the quote if the Number Format in System Setup had a comma or a space as the thousands separator. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to finish invoicing a job with multiple cost centres that weren’t fully invoiced yet. Now you can invoice in full.
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to download the Maintenance Jobs Created Report. All fixed!
  • Invoices were showing the incorrect subtotal, tax and total when claimed per item. Now your invoices will display correctly.
  • In invoice, quote and statement forms, you weren’t able to add the BIC and IBAN fields in the How to Pay section. Now your customers can pay you.
  • In the Job WIP report, jobs were missing from the report if invoiced per item. Now your reports will be accurate.
  • When removing retention from a work order, if you do not remove the retention percentage amount first, and then clear the Applying Retention? check box, the retention was still there after you saved. All fixed!
  • When a job is fully invoiced with a request for claim, any assigned stock was being removed from the Stock Value report. Since a request for claim is not an invoice, the stock will now stay assigned in the Stock Value report.
  • The Contract Profitability report was incorrectly allocating the value of a consolidated invoice to one contract, despite the invoiced jobs being against different contracts. All fixed!
  • When bulk emailing customers using the Aged Receivables report, for customers who have no email address you could still see a sent email in their customer log. Now the customer log will be correct.
  • Declining a submitted job card was not removing the job card from timesheets. All fixed!

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