Simpro Premium 22.3.3

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 31 July 2022 AEST

View total cost per item in the Parts & Labour tab

Previously in the Parts & Labour > Billable tab for quotes and jobs you could view the total sell price of items, alongside the individual cost of items. And, to compare the total cost incurred against the total sell price of items, you would need to perform your own calculations.

Now, you can easily compare these costs by adding a column that lists total cost per item to the table view!

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A screenshot of the Autosave feature.

Standard pre-builds for asset service levels

Maintenance Planner users can now ensure that their asset servicing is always charged at an appropriate price!

You can now set up a charge rate for an asset service level so that a standard pre-build is added to the corresponding maintenance job when the asset is serviced. Unlike flat rate pre-builds, standard pre-builds can be based on the sum total of their catalogue items, which means when the catalogue item’s price is updated, the pre-build is also updated.

Inflation rates, if set, would only apply to flat rate pre-builds, but not to standard price pre-builds

Learn more in What are Maintenance Pre-Builds and How to Use Pre-Builds.


  • Unable to save and create a template company for a multi-company build? All fixed now.
  • Filtering reports using the Year drop-down list will no longer display any errors. We’ve made sure it works as expected!
  • When a user updates the group markup, it will still retain the linked items of all the catalogue items. We’ve fixed the issue associated with broken links!
  • When you locked a cost centre by estimates and price, commission cost was not calculated in the actuals on a job. All fixed now!
  • Now you can switch between different accounting package integrations without any errors. We’ve fixed all the associated issues!
  • When emailing a quote to the quote’s site contact, the insert field for [contactFirstName] wouldn’t populate. All fixed now!
  • We’ve made sure that the profit and loss job report shows the correct resource cost amount.
  • The purchase orders which are overdue will no longer automatically change status when they’re aren’t supposed to based on the automatic triggers
  • The payment receipt PDF form was not printing a space between the Postal Suburb and Postal State in the customer details. All fixed now!

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