simPRO 22.3.4

What's new in simPRO: from 14 August 2022 AEST

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Improved supplier quotes

When creating a supplier quote, view which suppliers offer which items, so you can easily send supplier quotes to multiple suppliers.

Learn more in How to Create a Supplier Quote.


  • If you want to only save updates to jobs and quotes manually, go to System Defaults and select Off under Autosave Default.
  • When Autosave is enabled, after a job or a quote has been saved, the Cancel button will now disappear to prevent you from closing a job without saving it.
  • If you use accounting categories, in your invoices the Accounting Category drop-down will now include the Reference together with the Accounting Category name, so you can be sure you are selecting the right category.


  • When calculating the total cost for contracts, discounts weren’t being taken into account. Now your costs will add up.
  • When you archived a purchase order associated with a job, the purchase order was not being removed from the job’s activity timeline. All fixed!
  • When you archived an employee, they were still assigned notifications. Now your notifications will be sent to the right people.
  • In multi-company builds, the Licence Matrix Report wasn’t allowing you to filter employees by company. Now you can use the Company filter.
  • Searching for assets by customer wasn’t working if the customer had multiple sites. All fixed!
  • In Day or Week View in the schedule, if you performed an advanced search for jobs and selected a job, the other jobs in the list would disappear. All fixed!
  • If your default invoice stage is Pending and unapproved invoices are restricted, when a membership was sold through an invoice the membership was not being added to the customer card, even after it was approved. All fixed!
  • In the catalogue table view, catalogue items were not displaying the storage location of the default storage device. All fixed!
  • When processing a full payment for an invoice, the automatic trigger was not moving the stage to archived or the status to the selected status.
  • Invoices paid with a credit note were not automatically moving to the paid invoices list. All fixed!
  • Deleted labour rates were applying to newly created customers. Now your labour rates will stay deleted.
  • Notifications for expired licences were triggering for contractors who were archived. Now you’ll only see relevant notifications.
  • In Form Builder, if you added a bulleted list inside a table in the template, and then viewed this template in a quote, the bulleted list was changing to a numbered list. All fixed!

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