simPRO 22.3.5

What's new in simPRO: from 28 August 2022 AEST


  • Form builder job templates were having loading issues for jobs with a high number of assets. All fixed now!
  • When creating a job for a parent asset in Maintenance Planner, a separate job was getting created instead of adding a child asset to the same job. This issue is now resolved!
  • Exporting pre-builds with multiple catalogue items displays incorrect values in some of the columns? We’ve fixed this issue.
  • Changing the primary supplier in a supplier quote failed to remove any of the related email addresses from the To field. All fixed now!
  • Customer statements will no longer display the deleted payments. We’ve managed to fix the issue!
  • Contractor work orders failed to move to the invoiced list when invoiced with other work orders with a negative variance. This issue is now fixed.
  • The Resources tab in the Project overview will now display the variation sections and cost centres in correct order. We’ve fixed this issue!
  • We’ve made sure the Invoice Reverse Charge tax breakdown total and claimed amount plugins print correct values in the form builder templates.
  • You can now successfully import jobs in bulk against the customer contract without any errors!
  • Are your invoices paid via a credit note not automatically moving into the paid invoices list? Now, you’ll find them in the paid list!
  • When importing parts into a quote, the parts showed a $0.00 sell price if the Sell Price field was blank in the import. The issue is now fixed and it should now default to the sell price for the pricing tier defined in the quote setup.
  • Trouble deleting companies from a multi-company build? All fixed now.
  • When emailing an invoice you’ll now see the default invoice template as defined in the customer card.
  • We’ve made sure the invoice PDF totals breakdown now include the correct tax codes as per the cost centres used in the job.
  • Customer’s email address wasn’t populating automatically when selecting Square or card payment types. All fixed now!

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