Simpro Premium 22.3.7

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 25 September 2022 AEST

Mobility Licence for Connect

You can now disable a field user’s access to Connect without interfering with the user’s access to Simpro Mobile!

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CLSS available in all Country Builds

Previously the Simpro Premium and CLSS Honeywell integration was limited to Simpro Premium builds from Australia and New Zealand. You can now use the CLSS Honeywell integration regardless of which country you are in.

Learn more in About Honeywell Integration.

Improved Form Builder

  • You now have access to a much wider variety of fields that you can add to the Form Builder templates. Learn more in List of Fields in Form Builder.
  • Multi-company users can now copy templates from one company to another, saving the need to recreate templates.
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See Manage Form Builder templates

  • You can now preview a form builder template with dummy data to confirm whether the layout and information is displayed as intended.
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  • Now you can set default form builder templates for quotes, jobs and invoices for individual customers.
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See Adjust customer settings

  • Previously, you could set default non form builder templates for customers to view their forms within the customer portal. Now, form builder templates are available to be set as default forms for the customer portal to ensure customers have access to relevant information in the correct layout.
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  • Opening two customer payments in separate browser tabs led to payment receipts being emailed to the incorrect customer. This issue is now fixed!
  • We’ve made sure the order of the parts you import into a quote or job matches the order in the import file.
  • Cost centre adjustment after importing recurring jobs was creating recurring jobs with $0.00 tax. All fixed now.
  • We’ve fixed the issue where catalogue imports failed when custom fields had double quotes in the import file.
  • Does your newly created supplier invoice automatically populates the invoice date as today's date? We’ve made sure the invoice date auto populates only when you enter the invoice number.
  • The Profit/Loss job report will no longer include declined variation cost centres in the Price Inc Variations (Ex Tax) and Remaining columns. All fixed now!
  • Form Builder templates will now print correct Claims to Date and Remaining Claim Balance that match the values invoiced. We’ve fixed the issue.
  • Contacts which are not associated with a customer, site, or supplier, will not go missing anymore and shall be displayed in the Unassociated Contacts advanced search.
  • We’ve resolved the issue where additional customer contacts on a job were not receiving SMS notifications when the job was set to completed status.
  • Trouble loading Form Builder forms that contain a signature inside a table that also contains a Job Card loop? All fixed now!

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