Simpro Premium 22.4.1

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 9 October 2022 AEST

Form Builder Improvements

Include even more detail in your job card form builder templates with the Part No. field.

Learn more in List of Fields in Form Builder.

Recurring job / invoice improvements

  • Recurring jobs and invoices are now a separate item in the main menu, so you can find them easily.
  • Setting up recurring jobs and invoices is more intuitive than ever - plus, you can add a Recurring End Date to automatically stop creating new jobs / invoices.
  • To remove a recurring job / invoice that is no longer active, but still keep a record of it, you can archive the recurring job / invoice template. You need to have the relevant security group permissions to archive recurring jobs / invoices.
  • You can now select End of Month as the next recurring date, if the recurring frequency is Monthly.
Get a sneak peek

A screenshot of the options in a recurring job.


  • In Tasks, you can enter decimal figures in the Progress field to more accurately keep track of a task's progress.


  • If you use multi-company, sometimes you weren’t able to remove a company from your build. All fixed!
  • When you tried to edit audits, the page wasn’t loading and then forcing you to log out. Now your audits are back to normal.
  • If you tried claiming an item with a negative value on a progress claim, that cost centre wasn’t showing up on the invoice screen. All fixed!
  • In simPOS, if your cost and sell prices were inclusive of GST, your totals were rounding incorrectly. Now your numbers will add up.
  • In the Projected tab in the Project Overview, if you included committed costs, the Forecast Remaining was incorrect. All fixed!
  • When creating a notification, if you have no Form Builder templates for a particular invoice type, even the option for standard PDF template of that invoice type wasn’t displaying in the drop-down list. Now you’ll still be able to select an invoice form template.
  • In Form Builder, the Retention Held field was excluding GST even if your financial defaults are set to include GST. All fixed!
  • Sometimes when you imported payments in bulk, from Utilities A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Import > Payments, the posting account on the payment wasn’t being included in the import. All fixed!
  • When you imported pre-builds, the add-on labour sell price wasn’t being updated to the value in the import file. All fixed!
  • If you imported a supplier invoices file with a currency symbol in the unit price or line price columns, the import was creating a receipt with a zero value invoice price for those particular items. Now the supplier invoice import will ignore any currency symbols.

Learning Toolbox

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