Simpro Premium 22.4.2

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 23 October 2022 AEST

Easy option to copy a quote / job

Previously you had to navigate to the quote or job’s Settings to view the Copy Quote / Copy Job option. Now you can easily make copies of your existing quotes / jobs while you view them in the list using the Options drop-down. This time-saver feature will help you copy a large number of quotes or jobs without any extra navigation.

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  • When exporting contract service levels, the exported file will now list contracts correctly, based on the contract status filter selected.
  • Searching for a part number in the barcode portal displays an error? All fixed now!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where in the multi-company builds new companies were created with no default cost centre.
  • On the History tab, the catalogue items will be now shown in descending order by date even if the table is paginated. The ascending order display issue is now fixed.
  • When importing a generic catalogue with multiple rows it only updated the last row in the file if you have mapped the Supplier part number column but the file had no values. All fixed now.
  • Entering an estimated time into a new one off item automatically populated the estimated cost based on the customer’s default labour rate however this cost was calculated using the ex tax amount of the labour rate when the build was set to use an inc tax configuration. We’ve fixed this calculation error!
  • In BI reporting, voided invoices will no longer be displayed with positive totals, positive discount, and positive retention retention values instead the correct negative format will be shown.
  • We’ve fixed the issue where the Annual Turnover Report was excluding the withheld retention on invoices if the cost centre filter is used.
  • Archiving an employee and reassigning tasks and schedules to a new employee will now work as expected. The issues with the task template are now fixed.
  • We’ve fixed the issue with contractor fields. Now, correct contractor information will be displayed when a related script is inserted.
  • In the Contractor Portal, the Total row for the Cost Price and Remaining columns will now show the correct sum for all the $ values in the pending jobs table.
  • Forms were only showing a single tax name in breakdown in the Form Builder. All fixed now.

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