Simpro Premium 22.4.3

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 6 November 2022 AEST

Improvements to timesheets

Get more from Simpro Timesheets - control what data appears in the Breakdown view by adding and rearranging fields in your Timesheets Form Setup.

Fields that can be added include employee and project custom fields, start and finish times, project and cost centre names, and more.

Only the first 10 fields are displayed in PDF timesheets, and any number of fields can be displayed in CSV timesheets.

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A screenshot of the Timesheet Forms Setup.

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Share selected customers and sites in Multi-company

In Multi-company build with shared customers, you now have the option to share individual customers and sites between specific companies instead of sharing all or sharing none. By default, the customers will be shared to all companies.

To change that, go to the Companies tab in a customer or site and assign by selecting companies in the list.

After you have created a job in a certain company for that customer / site, the company cannot be unassigned from that customer / site.

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A screenshot of the Companies tab in a customer.

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  • The Annual Turnover Report was excluding the withheld retention on invoices if you filtered by cost centre. All fixed!
  • Searching for a date in the history of a catalogue item wasn’t returning any results. Now you’ll be able to find history for the relevant date.
  • When viewing a contractor work order in a job, a Due Date column was displaying even though you weren’t able to select a Due Date within the work order. Now you’ll only see correct information on this page.
  • In the customer portal, when the customer filtered by job status, all the status codes from your build were being retrieved. Now only status codes relevant to that customer are retrieved.
  • Archiving an employee was only removing that employee’s user licence. Now you can archive your employees properly.
  • When you reordered test readings for an asset type in system setup, the order wasn’t updated when you viewed the asset in a job card. Now your test readings will be in the right order.
  • When an employee was scheduled to a job multiple times on a day, over multiple schedule blocks, the job card form was displaying one schedule start and end time, duplicated. Now the schedules on your job card will have the right times.
  • When Jobcard PDFs were sent from a notification, the Materials Required table was missing. All fixed!
  • When you partially invoiced a job for only materials or resources, the Profit/loss job report was sometimes splitting the amount between both materials and resources. Now the report will have the right details.
  • The Corys automatic catalogue import was stuck on a previous date. All fixed!
  • In a progress claim, a section including cost centres that were already 100% claimed was showing the incorrect claim percentage. All fixed!
  • UK / IE only: When editing CIS deduction in a contractor invoice, the payment amount was displaying as negative. All fixed!
  • Multi-company only: In the Recurring Jobs Due report, the Company Name wasn’t appearing. All fixed!

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