Simpro Premium 22.4.4

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 20 November 2022 AEST

Form Builder - Compliance Certificates for Asset Testing

More customisation options when creating compliance certificates for asset testing using Form Builder!

You can now add a certificate number field to the body or file name of forms, to display a unique incremental 10 digit number that is generated each time you preview or send the form template.

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A screenshot of the Timesheet Forms Setup.

Previously in Form Builder templates, you could display all of your asset test readings consecutively at a single location in the form. Now you can add individual asset test readings on a form at different locations, as required. Additionally, now you can add test reading names and corresponding values to be displayed in different rows or columns on a table in the template.

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A screenshot of the Timesheet Forms Setup.

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See List of Fields in Form Builder

Furthermore, you can now use Form Builder to add information from Audits to job forms. This includes Safe Work Method Statements, Job Safety Analysis audits and Quality Assurance audits.

When generating a form on quote / job using a form builder template, you can now filter to display assets of only the required type(s). Additionally, you can also filter forms so that they only display specific cost centres, which gives your templates more flexibility even if you are generating a form for purposes other than compliance certification.

Separate Invoice Numbering

Previously in multi-company builds all invoice numbers were generated automatically in the template company and assigned to the different companies. This meant that if you were only looking at invoice numbers in a single company there would be numbers missing. A lot of businesses have a mandatory legal requirement to maintain sequential numbering for invoices.

This new feature allows multi-company businesses to have unique sequential numbers for all invoices in each of their companies. Make sure you call Simpro Support to get access to this feature.

Learn more in How to Set Up Auto Numbers and Multi-Company FAQs.

Xero and QuickBooks Online Accounting Link (Singapore only)

Now Singapore builds can be set up to integrate with Xero or QuickBooks Online!

Learn more in About QuickBooks Online.

Toggle PDF or Form Builder Templates for Sales Invoices Reports

Previously in the Sales Invoices Report, you could only select the available PDF forms to email or print. Now you can easily select to email or print the PDF forms as well as the available Form Builder templates using the new toggle functionality.

Learn more in Sales Invoices Report.


  • The Stock Required report was retrieving data from the declined variation cost centres from jobs with catalogue items. We’ve fixed this issue.
  • We’ve updated the Simpro Premium Ireland build to include the credit note, invoice, or quote form builder templates, which were earlier found missing!
  • You can now merge a customer into another customer successfully! All issues fixed.
  • The Technical notes and Work completed columns are now back in the Contractor Job Cards table. We’ve fixed this issue in BI Reporting.
  • Invoicing an one off item displayed $0 claimed and 0% claimed in the job’s project overview on the Production tab. All fixed now!
  • You’ll no longer see the invoice form builder templates printing the build’s default currency and currency symbol instead of the customer’s currency and currency symbol. We’ve made sure the templates work correctly!
  • Alerts missing for purchase orders which are due and partially receipted? The issue with missing alerts is now fixed!
  • Now when you archive a cost centre it will also un-assign it from the asset type's default cost centre. This way when you create a job from Maintenance Planner for that asset type, the job will use the default cost centre defined in the system setup, or on the customer card as intended!
  • We’ve fixed the mobile status table in BI reporting to populate contractor entries in addition to the employee mobile status logs.
  • Issues with supplier invoices (L&H) failing to import into Simpro Premium are now fixed!
  • We’ve made sure the credit note PDF form now displays the correctly calculated interest even if the customer’s settings have late payment fees enabled.
  • In multi-company builds, removing a company was still retaining pre-builds in the template company. Now, removing a company will also remove its associated payment methods to avoid any errors.
  • For each recurring schedule for each employee, the whole project was being loaded every time causing a timeout / memory exhaustion issue. All fixed now!
  • There was an issue sending account numbers to NZ MYOB from NZ Simpro Premium builds as the accounting link was not being able to properly truncate the account name and number. All fixed now.
  • For work orders, the Contractor Retentions table will now display the correct retention amount. We’ve resolved doubling the amount issue.
  • We’ve made sure the due date filter in the advanced search of the jobs table view works correctly and is not ignored when displaying the results.
  • We’ve fixed all errors that were hindering the Due date filter functionality in the job list report. It should work as expected now.


We’ve added [balance due] insert field for invoice notifications so that you can show your customers how much is left to pay off in the invoice email body.

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