Simpro Premium 22.4.7

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 2 January 2023 AEST


  • When you archived a cost centre on a job, the default cost centre selected in the customer card file for that customer was being removed as well. Now your customers won’t be affected.
  • Sometimes when you set up automatic notification triggers for an automatic email to renew recurring invoices, the notification wasn’t working. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to modify the table view of the catalogue even if your security group allowed this. All fixed!
  • Multi-company only: In the Customer On Stop report, removing on stop for a customer was also sharing the customer with all companies. Now your customers will only be shared with the companies you choose.
  • In the Schedule Timetable (PDF) form for jobs, the total row was not aligning the columns properly with the above rows. Now your form will display correctly.
  • In the Schedule Timetable (PDF) form for jobs, schedule rate multipliers were being displayed instead of the schedule rate titles. Now your form will display correctly.
  • In the Schedule Timetable (PDF) form for jobs, the title was incorrectly displaying as ‘Allocated Schedule Overview’. Now your forms will have the correct title.
  • If you cleared the Connect check box in an employee card, the employee was removed from the list of mobile users in the user log, even if they had a Simpro Premium Mobile licence. All fixed!
  • When you unlocked and archived a recurring invoice template that had been used to create at least one invoice, nothing in the activity log was recorded. Now you will be able to see a record of when the recurring invoice was archived.
  • Recurring invoice templates that were archived, but had no end date, were still creating invoices automatically. All fixed!
  • When you tried to attach a Form Builder job card form to a job from the schedule view to a job card, it was not actually attaching. All fixed!
  • The MMEM automatic catalogue import was duplicating catalogue part numbers. Now you’ll be able to import the correct items.
  • When you printed a PDF of a retention claim invoice, the footnote for credit notes was displaying instead of the footnote for invoices. Now your retention claim invoices will display correctly.
  • Sometimes when you merged cost centres in a job, schedule-based contractor work orders in those cost centres were being duplicated. Now you’ll have the correct number of work orders.
  • Rounding issues in invoices were causing the invoice total to be incorrect. Now your numbers will add up.
  • When you downloaded the history of recurring jobs from a customer card, the downloaded CSV was formatted incorrectly. All fixed!
  • If your security group permissions prevented you from archiving recurring jobs, you also weren’t able to reactivate archived recurring jobs. All fixed!
  • When Autosave was saving the job status before schedule information was added, the notification did not contain any schedule data. Now the notification will contain all the information.
  • Notifications were not being triggered for all paid invoices. All fixed!
  • In Multi-company, if customers are not shared, if you had two separate browser tabs open, you could create a customer in one company and create the associated site in another company. Now your sites and customers won’t get mixed up in the wrong companies.
  • After changing the status code on an invoice, sometimes if you tried to filter by the old status code the invoice was still appearing. All fixed!
  • Jobs and quotes raised from the customer portal did not have the Primary Contact selected as in the customer card. Now quotes and jobs from the customer portal will have the right information.
  • Importing a supplier invoice with the Plumbing World integration was causing an error. All fixed!
  • Importing supplier invoices with the Plumbing World integration was creating new items with additional characters in the part number. All fixed!

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