Simpro Premium 23.1.1

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 15 January 2023 AEST


  • When creating a new tax invoice, switching the invoice type from invoice to progress claim wasn’t automatically changing the Claim Per Item option to No. All fixed!
  • If a customer has an ampersand (&) in their name, this was displaying incorrectly in the job setup page and job summary page. All fixed!
  • If a cost centre in a quote or job contained both a pre-build with labour and a separate labour line, this wasn’t displaying properly in Project Overview > Resources. All fixed!
  • Exporting sites without selecting a customer was causing an error. Now you can export your sites normally.
  • In Form Builder, ${Asset:TestNotes} was failing to display when oriented above ${TestReading:Name} plugin. Now your forms will display properly.
  • In the Pending Jobs table, the Actual Hours column was incorrectly displaying a currency symbol ($). Now your time will be measured in hours, not dollars.
  • In multi-company, if more than one company was selected in the Assigned Stock Report, the colours for the companies were displaying but the Company Name column was blank. Now you’ll be able to see which company stock belongs to.
  • In a security group, if you ticked to enable all options in Setup > Admin, some options were not enabled. All fixed!
  • In the Sales dashboard, the currency symbol was missing from the invoiced values in the bar graph. We’ve found it and put it back.

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