Simpro Premium 23.1.2

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 29 January 2023 AEST

Email and Cheque number in Modify Table View

Include more information in your table views! In the table views for leads, quotes, jobs, recurring jobs and invoice payments, you can add an Email column with Modify Table View. You can also add a Cheque number column for the invoices table view.

Learn more in Modify the data table view.

Airefrig automatic catalogue and supplier invoice syncing (AU only)

If you use Airefrig as a supplier, you can set up automatic syncing for catalogues and supplier invoices, instead of manually importing them every time.

Learn more in How to Use Automatic Catalogue Syncing - AU, NZ, UK Only and How to Use Automatic Supplier Invoice Syncing - AU and NZ Only.

Mobile security permissions update

Take more control of your mobile licences - if a mobile user no longer requires access, you can log them out from Profile > Settings in their employee card.

SFG20 Integration (UK only)

If you have an SFG20 subscription, you use the integration to carry out maintenance in accordance with industry standard building maintenance specifications through Simpro Premium. Go to System > Integrations > SFG20.

Learn more in How to Use the SFG20 Integration - UK only.


  • The accountant login option in System Setup > Defaults > Financial now displays more details on the conditions of the login when you activate it. To enable this option, email
  • In System Setup your cost centres weren’t displaying consistently. Now they are listed in alphabetical order.


  • When importing payments, an error was occurring because payments were trying to match to the invoice ID instead of invoice number. Now you can import payments normally.
  • In the Sales Invoices report, printing or emailing invoices was not updating the status of the invoices. Now your invoice statuses will progress according to your automatic triggers.
  • Sometimes opening a catalogue item was causing an error. All fixed!
  • In customer statements, outstanding credits were displaying the invoice ID instead of the invoice number. Now outstanding credits will display correctly.
  • When sending Form Builder forms, some insert fields were not populating in the email body. All fixed!
  • In the Uninvoiced Jobs report, filtering by more than one company was causing the customer names to not appear in the results. All fixed!
  • Form Builder job card forms were including schedules from other technicians and not just the technician you were trying to view. Now your job cards will display the right schedules.
  • When viewing the Settings tab in a customer, the Late Payment Fee options weren’t displaying correctly. All fixed!
  • When you tried raising a purchase order from a cost centre with a different address to the main job, the PDF form was displaying the site details from the wrong cost centre. Now your purchase order details will be correct.
  • When exporting customers, public notes weren’t displaying correctly. All fixed!
  • Sometimes an error was popping up when you viewed a Form Builder template in a job card. All fixed!
  • In a quote, if you expanded the Description field, Autosave was not saving any changes made to the description. Now you can update the description field normally.
  • In System Setup your cost centres weren’t displaying consistently. Now they are listed in alphabetical order.
  • In quotes, some attachments had the wrong date. All fixed!
  • When exporting customers, if you selected multiple states, the export was only including customers with all of those states. Now you can export customers with any one of the states you’ve selected.

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