Simpro Premium 23.1.3

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 12 February 2023 AEST

Modify Table View for Customer Portal

If you use specific quote/job names and/or custom fields to record important information that you would want your customers to know, you can now make these details available on the Customer Portal. Using the new Modify Table View option you can customise the information displayed in quotes / jobs tables in the Customer Portal.

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A screenshot of the Timesheet Forms Setup.

Updates to the Simpro Premium End User License Agreement

On your Simpro Premium login you are now asked whether you would like to participate in product research to improve Simpro Premium in addition to the EULA & Privacy Policy agreement. Once you respond to this message prompt, it will not appear again until the policy is updated next.

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A screenshot of the Timesheet Forms Setup.

Mark one off items as inventory when importing

Previously when importing parts into a quote or job, if a part was not available in your build, you could choose to have it created as a one off item. However, with this the item could not be ordered or tracked as inventory and you would need to manually modify the items to either select the inventory check box for each one, or import them as catalogue items. Now, we’ve introduced the Set One Off as Inventory check box to make the import process seamless for you without lesser manual inputs.

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A screenshot of the Timesheet Forms Setup.

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See How to Import Parts


  • We’ve made sure the close icon in the Create Storage Device pop up behaves correctly and doesn’t create a new storage device when clicked!
  • All issues related to importing bulk storage locations are now fixed!
  • Job name gone missing in service job scripts? We’ve got those working correctly now!
  • You can now find the required invoice in the payments table. We’ve fixed the issue of missing invoices in the payments table.
  • You had to click Save and Finish to view the Rebill Materials button after you assigned stock items to jobs. We’ve resolved the issue and the button will behave as expected now!
  • Are you receiving multiple notifications for invoices? Now emails will be sent to each different email address only once!
  • When importing a generic catalogue an error, Something went wrong trying to insert data into the database, was displayed despite the file containing all valid columns. All fixed now!
  • When creating a new retention claim, the inputted retention claim value would increase automatically in the Invoices Retention Claim. We’ve resolved this discrepancy in the claim values.
  • We’ve made sure the unsharing the accounts integration functionality in multi-company builds works as expected.
  • Unable to load Asset Form with images in Form Builder? All fixed now!
  • Numeric custom fields will now accept negative values. The issue is now fixed.
  • We’ve resolved the issues with automatic triggers associated with jobs. The job will now move to the defined stage based on the selected automatic trigger.
  • Missing service levels in new customer contracts? We’ve made sure the service levels display immediately, and you are not required to completely exit and reopen the customer card.
  • Inconsistent current budget values in the project overview? The issue where prebuild labour was not getting added to current budgets when the cost centre had no default labour rate is now resolved!
  • Connecting to MYOB duplicates browser tab? We’ve made sure you stay on the same tab when connecting to MYOB AccountRight with the cloud based accounts integration.
  • We’ve made sure the customer’s default invoice template is now automatically selected when emailing the invoice on the Forms tab instead of any random form builder template
  • You can now transfer large number supplier invoices to Xero at once without encountering any errors or getting logged out of Xero!
  • Autosave will no longer save a quote or job with empty mandatory fields. The issue is now fixed.
  • Changing a non-billable item to billable in jobs will no longer update the estimated material cost in a locked cost centre. The issue is now resolved.
  • The Alert icon will no longer misguide you unless there are truly any active alerts that need your attention.
  • We’ve made sure the Tax charged to option charges the entire receipt’s tax amount to the job not just the additional tax amount.
  • When purchasing materials for a job, the current material budget was reduced when looking at a date prior to when it was ordered. All the Cost to Complete issues are now resolved.
  • Importing a file to update the restock and minimum levels of a storage device was wiping the restock and minimum levels of other storage devices. All fixed now!
  • Are you allowed to create purchase orders that are assigned to a job currently being edited by another user? Not anymore! It will now display an error message and not save the PO.
  • In some invoices the Schedule of Rates PDF failed to print the discount line item on jobs with membership discount. All fixed now.
  • We’ve handled the issue where you could change a job/invoice to a different customer (with different currency) despite the job already being invoiced.
  • Printing issues in Form Builder? Forms were not printing anything after encountering an invalid character in the Form Builder. All fixed now!
  • The issue where the default technician field displayed archived employees and contractors in the Asset Builder is now fixed!
  • In BI Reporting we’ve updated the schedule_id title to Schedule Block ID to avoid confusion.
  • The Timesheet Lock utility in the timesheets was not locking the schedule blocks. All fixed now!

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