Simpro Premium 23.1.4

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 26 February 2023 AEST

Add multiple contacts to sites in the customer portal

In the customer portal, select Assign All in a contact to have all sites assigned to the contact, including any sites created in the future.

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A screenshot the Site Access options in the customer portal.

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See Customer Portal: Guide for Customers

VoIP improvements

VoIP integration is better than ever now that you can access call logs in Simpro Premium reports, to view details of previous calls, and add SIP authentication to employee cards for easier use.

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A screenshot of the VoIP Logs report.

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See How to Use the VoIP Report

Due date per item on purchase orders

Easily manage multiple items on one purchase order - set a due date for each individual item on a purchase order, so you can have a clear expectation when they are going to arrive. You can also add notes for individual items. These additional details can stay internal, or appear on purchase order forms, depending on your preferred settings.

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A screenshot of due dates for individual items in a purchase order.

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See How to Create a New Catalogue Order

Automatically archive expired quotes and jobs

You can choose to automatically archive your expired quotes and fully invoiced jobs when they are inactive for a set period of time - no more time to be spent on manually archiving quotes and jobs. Go to System A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Setup > Archive Reasons > Quotes / Jobs.

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A screenshot of Auto Archive settings in archive reasons.

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See Auto archive quotes and jobs


  • Sometimes changing the status of a job was causing an error. All fixed!
  • When you voided an invoice, the notification was sending an email both for the invoice and the credit voiding it. Now you won’t send any incorrect notifications.
  • NZ only: When you tried to log into the Mico catalogue / supplier invoice integration, you were instead directed to log into Simpro Premium again. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you were unable to send invoices to Xero. Now the Xero accounting link is working again.
  • If you use multi-company and have shared customers, sometimes you were able to create a single payment for multiple invoices across different companies. Now your invoices in different companies will stay separate.
  • When you had a recurring invoice that was overdue, and you tried searching for the invoice number, you were able to create an invoice. Now you won’t be able to create invoices past the due date.
  • AU only: If you have set up automatic syncing with Tradelink, and went to deactivate the integration, you were instead redirected to log into Simpro Premium again. Now you can deactivate the integration without any troubles.
  • If you used maintenance planner, you were able to create jobs for customers on stop. All fixed!
  • When you received a scheduled Stock Required report, the report was automatically applying a Due Date filter even though there is no Due Date filter when setting up the scheduled report. All fixed!
  • The Sales Invoices report was sometimes displaying the wrong values in some fields. All fixed!
  • Users without the Company Management security group permission were still able to edit auto numbers. Now your security groups are secure again.
  • When you sent emails from the Sales Invoice report, these emails weren’t being included in the invoice logs. All fixed!
  • Sometimes contractor work orders were not moving to the Invoiced stage when consolidated invoices had a negative variance. All fixed!
  • Users without the correct security group permissions were still able to view costs, markups, profit and margins in the table views for quotes. All fixed!
  • When you unlocked a purchase order that was not yet receipted, you weren’t able to adjust quantities or prices for some of the items. All fixed!
  • When viewing timesheet PDFs, smaller time blocks were not displaying all the information, even when hovering over them. All fixed!
  • In the Parts & Labour tab in a job, the billable labour total was not rounding correctly. All fixed!
  • If you use multi-company with shared customers, when you changed a customer’s default service job cost centre, this change was not logged in the customer’s audit log. All fixed!
  • If you used the Job WIP report, then opened and closed the job, you were sent back to page one of the report even if the job you opened was from a different page. All fixed!
  • In the Project Overview, if the job has no billable labour lines, the Forecast Remaining column was displaying negative numbers under Hours. All fixed!
  • If you searched for archived recurring jobs using the advanced search, and filtered for a specific cost centre, jobs with different cost centres were included in the results. All fixed!
  • If you use multi-company, pop-up notifications for tasks were appearing for employees not assigned to that task. Now you’ll only receive relevant notifications.
  • When scheduling a job to an employee with a Simpro Mobile licence, but no Connect licence, you weren’t able to send a notification to the employee. Now your Simpro Mobile employees can receive notifications.
  • Form Builder Invoice Forms weren’t logging in the Notes tab in the invoice even though email logging was turned on. All fixed!
  • When you merged one site into another site, and one of those sites was already used on a job, the site was removed from the job, causing an error. All fixed!
  • When you viewed a Form Builder template in a quote and then exit Form Builder, the type of form was automatically changing to Jobcard (PDF). Now you won’t end up with the wrong form.
  • The Stock Required report was not retrieving one-off items that were marked as inventory. All fixed!
  • Sometimes the quotes table was taking a long time to load. All fixed!
  • If you use multi-company, you could view and edit scheduled reports created in other companies, even if you did not have access to those companies. All fixed!

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