Simpro Premium 23.1.6

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 26 March 2023 AEST

Automatic catalogue and supplier invoice syncing for MMEM group (AU only)

If you use one of the suppliers that is part of the MMEM group (TLE, AWM, Haymans, EWM, D&W, P&A) you can set up automatic syncing for catalogues and supplier invoices for the specific supplier, instead of having to import the entire MMEM range of products.

Improved asset handling

Copy a customer asset more easily and with less navigation in Simpro! You can now copy a customer asset from the Options menu on the Customer Assets. Additionally when viewing an asset’s details on the Edit Customer Asset page, you can click Copy Customer Asset from the Options drop-down list so you no longer need to return to the assets’ list.

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A screenshot of the Timesheet Forms Setup.

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See How to Manage Customer Assets


  • Now when you submit a job status in Simpro Premium Mobile it will update the correct job status and stage in Simpro Premium as well! We’ve fixed the inconsistency issue.
  • We’ve made sure the custom fields don’t get imported with any annotations during catalogue import. The issue is now fixed!
  • Trouble exporting supplier invoices to Xero in a NZ build? Now you’ll not encounter any errors during the export, we’ve fixed the issue.
  • Labour one-off items included in the Stock Required Report? We’ve resolved the issue to have correct data on the report.
  • Unable to transfer stock to a job in the barcode portal? The issue is fixed now.
  • The Asset table in BI reporting was not retrieving customer name or customer ID. All fixed now!
  • The job attachments are now back in the Sites History table! Now you can view those when you click options on a job and hover over attachments.
  • We’ve made sure users are logged off from their active Simpro Premium session as soon as their Simpro Premium licence is removed to prevent any security issues.
  • Consolidated invoice PDFs were showing a $0.00 invoice value in the breakdown table. We’ve resolved the issue and made sure the value in the table reflects the value claimed on the invoice.
  • We’ve fixed the layout issues in the Landlord Gas Safety forms and made sure all of the information is displayed correctly!
  • When sending an email with a PDF template that had email logging turned ON there was no log displayed in the invoices user log. Also, the customer log only showed an invoice reference with no number. Both the issues are now resolved!
  • You’ll no longer have any issues with printing membership discounts on the Invoice PDF forms. All fixed now!
  • End Date field gone missing for the Recurring Invoices in BI reporting? We’ve found it and added it back for you!
  • You’ll now see the expired contract icon wherever applicable when a recurring invoice is past its due date.
  • We’ve made sure Form Builder skips any invalid characters encountered during the printing process and prints the rest of the quote correctly!
  • Issues with the Price Discrepancies Report loading a blank page when you update pricing using the report are now fixed!

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