Simpro Premium 23.2.2

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 23 April 2023 AEST

Protect information of archived employees and contractors

When you archive an employee or contractor because they have left your business, or for any other reason, you can pseudonymise their personal information. The employee’s name and other sensitive details will be hidden.

Once an employee or contractor has been pseudonymised, they cannot be reactivated.

Get a sneak peek

A screenshot of the Timesheet Forms Setup.


  • We’ve improved how your purchase order forms display columns. When the Due Date column is excluded, the widths of the other columns are adjusted to be wider.
  • AU Only - If you use Simpro SMS, and your Sender ID contains both letters and numbers, your messages may be blocked by the carrier due to recent Australian Government Policy. We’ve added a warning about this to the Default Sender ID pop-up.


  • If you use the Gmail integration, you weren’t able to change customers, create contacts, or attach notes in your emails. The integration is back up and running again.
  • Purchase Order PDF forms were displaying the Simpro Premium part number instead of the supplier part number. All fixed!
  • When importing assets, if you selected the Create Only option, only the first row of the import file was being processed. Now you can import all your assets.
  • When unlocking a recurring invoice, which has been used to create 1 or more customer invoices, and archiving it, there was no record in the log to say it has been archived. Now your log will be accurate.
  • Invoice forms created in Form Builder were printing "nan%" on the form if the invoice claims 0% of a section. Now your forms will display correctly.
  • A catalogue item’s history was showing incoming stock movements as negative amounts. Now your stock numbers will be correct.
  • A catalogue item’s history was not using the receipt's invoice date. Now your history will be correct.
  • Job descriptions containing HTML code were breaking the job table view. All fixed!
  • In the Jobs table, the Actual Labour and Actual Materials columns were not including committed costs. Now you can see all your costs in the right place.
  • In the Quotes table, if a quote’s sell price was higher than your approval limit, those quotes were displaying in the wrong stage. All fixed!
  • If you use multi-currency, the Tongan Currency Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) was missing from the list. Now you can find it again.
  • Updating a request for claim to the Progress stage was incorrectly changing the Claim Per Item setting and removing all of the claimed amounts from each cost centre. Now your requests for claim will progress normally.
  • Your company logo was not appearing on the Gas Safety Certificate. Now your logo is back where it belongs.
  • The Online Quote Acceptance form was displaying blank spaces when previewed from email. All fixed!

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