Simpro Premium 23.2.5

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 04 June 2023 AEST

New History tab for contractors

A comprehensive view of all tasks, jobs and invoices related to a specific contractor is now available for you at a single location in Simpro Premium to easily get a complete picture of all their work!

Navigate to the required contractor card file and go to the History tab to view all the associated jobs in different stages, tasks and the paid and unpaid invoices’ list.

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A screenshot of the Include Form with Email option.

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See How to Create Contractors

Euro currency format

Businesses dealing in the euro currency can now use Simpro Premium more comfortably!

Simpro Premium now supports the more common decimal and comma format that is used when displaying euro currency. For example, ten thousand euros will be displayed as €10.000,00.

We’ve made sure this currency format is also accepted and processed correctly when you import files into Simpro Premium so you don’t have to spend extra time to reformat the import files.

Learn more in How to Set Up Financial Defaults.


  • Did the supplier Payment Terms in your Simpro Premium build get automatically updated from 30 days after invoice date to COD after the 23.2.3 release? All fixed now!
  • Did the customer Payment Terms in your Simpro Premium build get automatically updated from 30 days after invoice date to COD after the 23.2.3 release? All fixed now!
  • We’ve made sure the security permission to modify Schedules works correctly. You won’t be able to edit actual times directly from the job card if you don’t have the required permissions.
  • You’ll no longer encounter any errors when validating credentials using the MMEM catalogue automated import!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where an error was displayed when a non-mandatory numerical custom field was left blank during Asset import!
  • Trouble loading the dashboard when logging in to the Customer Portal? The issue is now resolved!
  • You could create a new or update an existing site without entering a valid zone in the mandatory Zone field. This issue is now fixed!
  • Now you don’t have to wait too long to open a purchase order! We’ve fixed the issue.
  • Are your supplier invoices appearing to import successfully even when they contain non-numerical purchase order numbers? We’ve fixed this issue now!
  • The AWM automated catalogue import will no longer produce any error when you validate your credentials. All fixed now!
  • We’ve got the missing position field back to its original place in the employee and contractor tables in BI reporting!
  • Does your contractor import in a multi-company build update contractors in different companies instead of just updating or creating contractors in the current company? All fixed now!
  • The Certificate expiry date on the Gas Safe Certificate was incorrectly showing 12 months from the due date when the asset was tested exactly 2 months before the due date. We’ve resolved this issue now!
  • Does your automated catalogue import throw an error message when validating your Samios credentials? All fixed now!
  • Missing email events in the invoice log? Emails from the Sales Invoices Report will now log an email event in the invoice logs!
  • The newly generated Customer Invoices from Automatic Recurring Invoicing will email the Primary Contact only once as expected. We’ve fixed the issue!
  • Are your Payment Receipts with no finance charges still printing the finance charge title on the PDF in the Totals section? All fixed now!
  • The Quote Form (PDF) will now generate the Salesperson's signature as expected! We’ve fixed the issue.
  • The issue where the itemised invoice PDF forms were displaying fee as a negative value in the items table, when the Show Discount Column was enabled is now resolved!

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