Simpro BI Reporting Metabase 0.45 Release

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 17 April 2023 AEST

Improved look and navigation

It’s now easier to see what you’re hovering over and selecting, plus the main navigation bar is accessible on every page and can be expanded or closed to save screen space. Learn more in How to Use BI Reporting.

Browse Data

Your data is more transparent than ever - browse through all of your data to get an overview of what can be analysed with BI reporting. You can also quickly view data tables without additional filters or grouping. Learn more in How to Use BI Reporting.

Chart improvements

You have even more options to customise your charts and make them easier to read. Reorder the data in bar and row graphs so that the order of the bars and rows makes more sense. You also have more customisation options for labels on pie charts to make your data even clearer. Learn more in How to Use BI Reporting.

Events and Timelines

Got an important marketing campaign coming up? Opened a new branch of your business? You can now add important events to your collections in BI Reporting to see how they relate to the spikes and dips on the charts you create. Learn more in How to Use BI Reporting.

Conditional formatting on tables

Set up conditional formatting to create tables with certain pieces of data to stand out in certain circumstances. For example, a financial field that appears red if it exceeds a limit. Learn more in How to Create Questions.


Create a model as a starting point to build other questions - this will save time creating similar questions, and makes the process of creating questions easier for your staff. Learn more in How to Use BI Reporting.

Datetime functions for custom expressions

Use dates and times when building custom expressions to create a metric that calculates multiple dates. For example, display the number of days between the start and end of a project. Learn more in How to Create Questions.

Multi-select on dashboard filters

If you have created a dashboard that includes a filter, you can now apply multiple filter options at the same time, giving you more flexibility for viewing your data. Learn more in How to Manage BI Reporting Dashboards.


  • Previously, creating a duplicate of a dashboard would also duplicate all the questions within the dashboard. Now when you duplicate a dashboard you have the option to only duplicate the dashboard without duplicating the questions contained within the dashboard. If you choose this option the duplicated dashboard contains the original questions, rather than copies.
  • Pulses are being phased out - you can now subscribe to dashboards to receive regular updates from your dashboards. You can still access pulses you’ve already created, but you cannot create new ones.


  • Attempting to open an existing pulse shows an error message indicating that “Something’s gone wrong”. Now you’ll be able to open and edit your pulses.
  • The Attachment type and Heads up warning on pulses were appearing over the top of buttons and toggles. Now they’ll be transparent so you see everything on the page.
  • New data in your Simpro Premium build wasn’t syncing with BI Reporting each day. Sometimes it would take a few days for your new data to be visible. Now it should sync every day.
  • When creating a dashboard subscription and adding a recipient in the “To” field duplicate names were displayed. Now it will only display one of each employee from your Simpro Premium build.
  • When using the send email now option for a dashboard subscription no email was being sent. Now you’ll receive these emails straight away.