Simpro BI Reporting Metabase Release

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 13 January 2023 AEST

BI Reporting updates

BI Reporting is now updated to a more user friendly, newer version with improved UI and exciting features!

  • Experience a more easy-to-use UI when asking a question, as well as redesigned layout for collections and menus.
  • Additional custom filter expressions are now added that let you write more complex filters, including spreadsheet-like functions for custom columns and metric formula editors, which provide more flexibility for creating customised reports.
  • Save bits of SQL or native queries and refer to them in your queries via a tag!
  • Use the new pivot tables in visualisations for better reporting purposes.
  • Dashboard subscriptions are now available, which allow you to send dashboards updates as often as required.
  • You’ll now have more features for customising dashboards, a sidebar for easy search and ability to add multiple questions quickly.
  • The search bar in the data picker for questions can now search through all your tables and saved questions instead of only filtering the list.
  • Now you can set up as many subscriptions to a dashboard as required, and if you make any changes to the dashboard, Metabase will update the subscriptions the next time they are delivered.