Data Feed 1.1

What's new in simPRO Data Feed: 16 August 2019 AEST

Toggle email attachments settings

You can now choose whether or not to upload all email attachments to created records. If you don’t want to clutter up your records in simPRO with too many attachments, toggle off this feature to prevent unnecessary email attachments from being automatically uploaded through Data Feed.

Attach email text to records created by Data Feed

You can now choose whether or not to upload the text of an email as an attachment in the created record. For example, if Data Feed has created a new job in simPRO from a customer’s email, you can view the content of that original email in a text file attachment in the job.

Extract lead and task custom fields

You can use data extraction rules to extract lead and task custom fields.


  • We’ve added three new Date Formats that Data Feed can look for in emails. You can now receive dates separated with - , . / and spaces.
  • ‘Pipelines’ are now referred to as ‘Feeds’.
  • Previously, Data Feed only matched catalogue items by item part number and item description. Now, it also matches by the supplier part numbers on the item.


  • When updating existing quotes and jobs with new descriptions, the old description was being lost. Now the updated description will appear below the existing description.
  • Sometimes extracting data to multiple custom fields was causing problems. All fixed!
  • Response times were getting lost when creating new jobs from Data Feed. Now you’ll know how quickly you need to respond.
  • Data Feed couldn’t handle emails with html attachments. Now your attachments won’t have any problems.