Data Feed 1.2

What's new in simPRO Data Feed: 14 October 2020 AEST

Update to deleting mailboxes

Easily keep your mailboxes in order - you can now only delete a mailbox if it doesn’t have an associated feed.

Analytics Graph improvements

We’ve improved the Events Activity graph - now called the 'Number of Received emails' graph, you can view the number of successfully processed emails and the number of emails received that are linked to feeds.


  • When searching for a part number to process a 'Receipt a Purchase Order' feed, Data Feed will also search for the Supplier Name.
  • When you edit existing Appends, other existing Appends will not be removed.
  • When setting up Data extraction with an advanced table, you won't lose any of your setup if you click Cancel, and will only cancel out of the current area you are in.
  • You can search and apply a customer to a project from a Customer Custom Field.
  • You can now use the Append function to extract the Site Name from different areas in a document.