Data Feed 1.4

What's new in simPRO Data Feed: from 27 May 2021 AEST

New fields for data extraction

Users can now include more information in their feeds when extracting data to populate into simPRO.

  • New Due Date field to extract the due date in a feed when creating or updating jobs in simPRO.
  • New Customer Address field to extract relevant data when creating a new customer from a processed feed for a Lead, Quote, Job or Task and also customer in simPRO.

Invoice Totals

You will now have the ability to extract Invoice Totals to alleviate the GST rounding issues.

Home and Analytics tabs

The Analytics tab is now split into two tabs, Home and Analytics. This makes it easier for the users to view important information requiring action in a separate Home tab and track ongoing events in the Analytics tab.

Updates to Data Feed UI and other tabs

Data Feed UI now blends into the rest of simPRO UI. Also, there’s an updated UI for uploading documents in the Documents tab and renaming mailbox usernames in the Mailboxes tab.

Learn more about all the above features in How to Use simPRO Data Feed.