Data Feed 1.5

What's new in simPRO Data Feed: from 12 July 2021 AEST

Add catalogue items to a quote / job feed

Save time adding catalogue items to your quotes and jobs. You can now use Data Feed to automatically create new quotes and jobs that include catalogue items.

Improved error logs

Get more information from the Events Requiring Input table with improved error logging. Now the table displays the reason why a feed has failed and also the email / document associated with the feed. This ensures better clarity on potential issues and makes them easier to resolve.

Packing slip feeds

Save time processing packing slips! Now Data Feed can be used to automatically mark items as received on a purchase order, rather than having to completely invoice the order.

Process received purchase orders

For Data Feed to process orders that are received separately from invoicing, it can now also process supplier invoices for purchase orders that are marked as received.

View expired documents / messages

You can filter out expired documents from your active documents in Data Feed. This makes it easier to find the documents and messages you are looking for.

Learn more about all the above features in Set Up simPRO Data Feed and How to Use simPRO Data Feed.