Simpro Data Feed 2.2

What's new in Simpro Data Feed: from 13 September 2022 AEST

Credit a Receipt feed

You can now create a new Feed that allows a user to process a Supplier Credit (Credit a Receipt) and have any received items returned to Stock, when applicable. Learn more in Which fields are populated in Simpro Premium?

Data Extraction Settings to extract Banking Details

Reduce manual data entry and save time with the new Data Extraction Setting that allows the Banking Details to be extracted and populated in the applicable fields when a new Customer Card is created.

Remove predefined Mapping fields

Previously when a PDF or TXT file was selected and a Fixed Data field was applied with a corresponding Data Extraction Setting, the Data Extraction field was shown inactive and the user was unable to set up data to be extracted from that field. This functionality now works for CSV files as well! When using the Fixed Data for CSV files, the corresponding Mapping field will now be removed.