Simpro Data Feed 2.4

What's new in Simpro Data Feed: from 15 December 2022 AEST

Email notifications only for failed feeds

Keep your inbox tidy by only receiving emails that require action. Previously you could only receive notifications for every feed processed. Now you can get your feeds set up so that you only receive notifications if a feed has failed.

Use CSV or XSLX files in feeds to update quotes and jobs

Now you can update quotes and jobs with more than just PDF, TXT and image files. Contact Support to get a feed set up to update your quotes and jobs in Simpro Premium when you receive job or quote information that is contained in a CSV or XSLX file.

Choose if a job feed is processed based on the order number

Want to prevent Data Feed from duplicating existing jobs? With a new Business Rule, Data Feed will check if the order number already exists in Simpro Premium. If the order number is already in use, and it has been used on a job that has the same customer as the one extracted in the feed, the job will not be created. Contact Simpro Support to get this feature enabled for your feeds.