simPRO IoT 2.5

What's new in simPRO IoT: from 9 August 2021 AEST

Automatically acknowledge and clear alarms based on job created by a triggered alarm

You no longer need manually acknowledging alarms - Get in touch with us to set up your alarm, so that when a job is created from a triggered alarm, it will automatically acknowledge the alarm and clear the alarm once the job has been completed.

Learn more in How to Use simPRO IoT.

Sensor Telemetry from IoT is transferred to job where IoT asset is included

IoT can record telemetry data against jobs where IoT assets are included in simPRO for you! Telemetry data recorded using IoT is pushed across to simPRO and recorded against the relevant asset in the job.

Learn more in Transfer Sensor Telemetry to Assets in simPRO.