simPRO IoT 3.1

What's New in simPRO IoT: from 26 June 2022 AEST

Improved user interface (UI)

simPRO IoT UI has undergone a facelift to accommodate new features and be in sync with the simPRO look!

Sensor profiles improvement

Previously, the rules of when a sensor would trigger or clear an alarm were entirely managed by simPRO system administrators only. Now you can create sensor profiles manually or import them, as required and customise when alarms are triggered or cleared.

Access new reports

You can now easily access an overview of the telemetry even when you have multiple sensors monitoring a single asset, or multiple sensors monitoring different assets at the same site. Download the consolidated telemetry for all of the sensors on a chosen asset or site using the new Asset and Site Telemetry Reports. Learn more in Run Telemetry Reports.

SMS notifications update

Now you can have your alarms setup in simPRO IoT such that they will send an SMS notification even if you don’t have simPRO or use the simPRO SMS add-on. Contact simPRO to set up SMS notifications with your IoT Build.

Improved build configuration

System administrators now have greater control when configuring an simPRO IoT build. They can set limits on the number of sensors created and number of SMS messages sent, to prevent a user from exceeding their limit. Additionally, the simPRO IoT build can now be set with a timezone, to ensure that the correct timestamps are recorded on telemetry. Contact simPRO if your build is set up with an incorrect timezone.

API dashboard

You now have the new API Usage dashboard which provides you a real time overview of your build’s API activity. You can view what data is being handled by the API, such as the quantity of alarms and notifications created. Additionally, the dashboard allows you to review your build’s data for the past year, making it a powerful reporting tool.

Historical data in chart widgets

Set chart widgets to display historical data for a previous time period alongside your current data! This provides you an opportunity to compare the data statistics and understand performance of an asset to potentially predict its status in future. Learn more in Display historical data.

View dashboards on the home screen

You can now have a dashboard appear on the home page of simPRO IoT as a convenient option to regularly review a specific dashboard. A dashboard can be set to appear for your entire organisation by a System Administrator, or at an employee level. Learn more in View and manage dashboards.