eForms Portal 1.2.8

What's New in eForms: from 7 February 2019 AEST


  • Help is now at your fingertips. Access Walk Me Through, the Help Guide and the Helpdesk through the Help menu.
  • We've improved the look of some of the field icons when you are creating forms in the eForms Designer so that they match the same icons in the app.
  • The eForms portal now supports US date formatting!


  • Navigating to a different page in the eForms portal after the page refreshed would take you back to the first page. Now you'll stay on the right page even after refreshing.
  • Forms that failed to submit were getting trapped in limbo and processing forever. Now when a form fails, you'll know right away.
  • Moving lots of fields around in the eForms Designer was messing up the spacing between fields. Now your fields will stay nicely spaced.