Simpro Mobile 10.1

What's New in Simpro Mobile: from 19 October 2022 AEST

Asset attachments

Easily access attachments for assets and asset types. Simply open the asset and go to the Attachments tab.

Asset test attachments

While testing assets, upload attachments to the asset in question so you can keep a visual record of the asset’s condition.

Learn more in How to Test Assets.

Defect severity for failure points

When testing assets in Simpro Mobile, you can view the different levels of defect severity when you select failure points.

Learn more in How to Test Assets.

Choose a customer contract for an asset

If you create assets in Simpro Mobile, you can now select customer contracts instead of just assigning the asset to a customer. This can be enabled in Mobile Security groups. Learn more in About Simpro Mobile Security Groups: Service Module.

View the date an asset was last tested in a previous job

Stay on top of assets that need testing! Quickly view the last time an asset was tested without needing to open the asset.

View all assets on a site

Use the new Site tab to view all the assets on site and use the filter options or search to find what you need.

Refresh asset test data

You can now keep up to date with other technicians’ tests by refreshing the test data when viewing the asset list.


  • Long lists of assets load much more quickly.
  • Save time navigating through your assets - when you open an asset and then return to the main asset testing page, you’ll be taken to your original place instead of going back to the first asset testing page.