simPRO Mobile 2.1.15

What's new in simPRO Mobile: 10 June 2019 AEST


  • No more issues with time blocks! Now, the job time blocks would neither fail the background sync nor disappear on their own.
  • Missing attachments? Sometimes, the attachments were not getting uploaded to simPRO due to syncing issues. You can now upload attachments with no hassle.
  • Do not deal with blank time blocks anymore when you delete a job, quote or activity.
  • Trouble with schedule rates? Schedule rates were getting muddled up when you split time among multiple cost centres. Now your rates should show correctly.
  • Background sync issues giving you nightmares? We’ve made sure the activity times, timer and associated work notes sync correctly to simPRO.
  • We’ve made the duplicate module options disappear from the simPRO Mobile menu.
  • Lost in time? Now, you won’t encounter incorrect time gaps available to populate when you clock off.
  • The Record all as option will now do its job correctly! We’ve worked on it to sync schedule blocks correctly when you are populating empty time blocks.
  • Now, the service job cost centre descriptions won’t go missing! They would stay in place always.
  • Sometimes, the duplicate technician function was not submitting selected duplicate technician times to simPRO. All fixed now!
  • Now the details you populate when you Clock On and Clock Off will update the corresponding areas in simPRO without any detours.
  • The existing time blocks were getting a bit defensive! Now, you’ll see them when you are doing a job search online.
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements.