simPRO Mobile 3.1

What's new in simPRO Mobile: 15 July 2019 AEST

The Service module is now available for both iOS and Android!


  • We’ve made sure there are no hassles with any of the archived and company-specific pause statuses. Now you’ll know exactly what's happening when you need to pause a job!
  • Having trouble merging the schedule blocks? Now this functionality is back in order.
  • No more missing out on recorded times! Now you’ll be able to correctly record time blocks for assigned jobs.
  • Material allocation was misbehaving if multiple technicians were working on the same job. All fixed now!
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the too many materials being allocated to a job when it was opened by another user.
  • Were you getting a data error when you didn’t have a Timesheet module licence? We’ve fixed it all!
  • You will no longer have issues in the simPRO Mobile menu! Service will be displayed only once.
  • We’ve found a way to make the downloading images functionality work as it should. That won’t be an issue anymore!
  • Any issues with the nested and go-to audit questions won’t bother you any more! We’ve fixed them all.
  • Various other bug fixes and feature enhancements.