simPRO Mobile 3.2

What's new in simPRO Mobile: 17 July 2019 AEST


  • Experience the improved the search feature! Now, you can easily find items in stock and catalogue using their relevant part numbers.
  • The ‘No items found’ message wasn’t cooperating. Now, it should appear only at relevant instances in the app.
  • Not sure how the Start Work and Start Travel options work? We’ve simplified the time recording process so it won’t confuse you any more!
  • Can’t edit the job card once you start work? We’ve patched this up! Now, you can edit the job cards right away any time.
  • The used material list is not muddled up any more! It now includes the non-billable items as well.
  • Schedule rates now stick to their correct values even when you add an additional time block in the Service module!
  • We’ve resolved the time blocks’ issue! Now, the Service module updates the time blocks correctly from ‘Times Recorded’.
  • We’ve now given the Discard / Save message clear instructions to appear only when any changes are made. It won’t bother you otherwise!