simPRO Mobile 3.4

What's new in simPRO Mobile: 25 September 2019 AEST


  • For the current day, the Service schedule automatically refreshes every time you return to it, or you can just tap the schedule refresh for a quick update any time!
  • Entering work completed notes is now quicker and easier with ready-to-use scripts to choose from!
  • Use the Service module to open a past job for the original date or choose the current date, whatever works for you.


  • simPRO Mobile will now automatically refresh all service data once per day while your phone is not in use!
  • Get rid of the messy formatting! New line and new paragraph formats stay intact for scripts when pushed back to simPRO.
  • Job name now displayed in the Timesheet Module Schedule.
  • Difficulty in trying to reach contacts? Now, the technician’s phone and mobile is displayed for your convenience.
  • You can now view all job notes and cost centre notes in the Service module notes section.
  • The stock and catalogue search is now more intuitive and easy to trace origin.
  • Multiple error messages won’t bother you any more! Errors are now grouped for easier resolution.
  • Search terms are now fully supported for catalogue items in the Quote and Sales and Service modules.
  • Customer notes are now no longer expanded by default, but still accessible any time you need them.


  • Added something new and want a complete refresh? Access the hamburger menu in the Service module and use the new full refresh option.
  • Work completed notes accessed through site history now appear in the correct colour.
  • We’ve made sure that the on-screen keyboard does not hide the ability to enter a large amount of technician notes.
  • Sometimes, the completed pre-audits and post-audits statuses were not shown correctly in simPRO. All fixed!
  • Now you can open service quotes from Service schedule and get directed to the Quote and Sales module to process them.
  • We’ve fixed the issue with simPRO displaying a warning message for additional labour hours unnecessarily when a job is submitted from the Service module.
  • Don’t get stuck! Open and edit a job card in Service module any time there is an existing time block.
  • Lost and found! No more missing schedule blocks in Service schedule. All fixed.
  • We’ve resolved the issue with schedules getting intermittently duplicated in the Service module after a refresh.
  • Now you can access customer labour rates in multi-company builds without any issues.
  • The adding duplicate technician time block feature now works correctly when the selected technician does not have a Timesheet licence.
  • The Timesheet module now successfully modifies existing time blocks rather than creating a new one when adjusted.
  • We’ve made sure the mobile status displays correctly in the Service schedule even when a job name is added.
  • Having trouble with displaying the catalogue images? The images should no longer fail intermittently when you access them via the hyperlink.
  • Changing the language to Spanish will no longer affect your ability to refresh.
  • Service module now successfully returns user to the running time block. It’s fixed!
  • The Next button was sometimes misbehaving when pre-audit and post audit signatures were captured. Now it should behave correctly.
  • Supplier names will now be listed in alphabetical order when accessing them to create a PO.
  • Now you’ll not be able to edit any job card, if a pre-audit is still pending, even if a time block already exists.
  • We’ve made sure that your Start Travel status is no longer lost after you return to the Service schedule.
  • You can now download attachments after the warning, once an internet connection is established.
  • No more issues with viewing images, regardless of whether they are accessed via a link or “view” is selected.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with incorrect formatting of contacts when emailing job cards.
  • No zeros accepted! The ability to add “0” quantity is now eliminated.
  • If you are trying to create an order but you have no suppliers in the build, there is no navigation option and a warning is displayed.
  • Work completed notes are now truncated! Only the first 499 characters are displayed with an option to view more.
  • Totals not adding up? The totals should now match when catalogue and pre-build items with tax are added.
  • We’ve made sure the schedule blocks now appear correctly from non-default companies after a background sync for multi-company builds that are not shared.
  • No more duplicates! The technician phone number should appear only once in the Service module.