simPRO Mobile 4.1

What's new in simPRO Mobile: 30 January 2020 AEST


Managing attachments is now more secure when you are completing jobs! Previously simPRO Mobile users were able to delete or rename all attachments which they could view in the app. Now, users can delete or rename attachments through simPRO Mobile only if they have uploaded the respective attachments either through simPRO Mobile or simPRO.


  • If you are not logged in to Square when receiving a square payment or if your location is set incorrectly, you’ll receive a warning message which enables you to either login or rectify your location easily. Additionally, iOS devices will now let you know that you are not logged in to Square instead of failing the payment.
  • If you are scheduled to multiple time blocks throughout the day for the same quote or job, you can now enter your actual work time in simPRO Mobile and retain the other time blocks scheduled later in the day, unless you delete them manually. Additionally, if you adjust a scheduled or actual time block so that it overlaps with another time block for the same cost centre, then the time blocks merge to create and retain a single time block.
  • Previously, selecting Start Travel would update the job status and clear rest of the scheduled time for the cost centre. Now, the scheduled time block is not updated with an actual time in simPRO until a status is selected and submitted through the Service module in simPRO Mobile.


  • Sometimes statuses would be duplicated or not appear at all for final submission of your work in the Service module. All fixed now!
  • Pre-build labour was getting dropped when a pre-build was added using View Details in the Quote and Sales Module. Now regardless of how a pre-build is added, the labour component is retained.
  • Audits were not supporting the Go to functionality. We’ve fixed this issue to behave the way it should.
  • Broken image icons for attachments in the Timesheet module? Now you’ll have no such issues.
  • Trouble opening a job from the info panel for a past date in the Service schedule? All fixed.
  • Sometimes creating quotes and jobs with one-off material or labour was causing the UI to crash and not allowing you to proceed. Now you will be able to do it without any trouble.
  • On a few Android devices, the back button was directing you to the Invoice page displaying a Continue to Payments option even when the invoice was fully paid. The Continue to Payments option will now appear only for the un-invoiced or partially invoiced jobs.
  • Numerous other bug fixes.